Getting started

Installing Cinnamon from scratch

Cinnamon Server runs on Linux with some dependencies to Java, Tomcat and the PostgreSQL database. Another component on a Cinnamon Server machine, Cinnamon Asynchronous Engine, is Mono-based and thus needs Mono installed.

The installation starts with an empty Linux machine. Cinnamon will run on most Linux distributions, but for development, testing and hosting we use Debian distributions. Cinnamon does not yet run on Debian 10, so the standard platform is a recent Debian 9 (stretch). Install a minimal Debian 9.9 on your hardware or in a virtual machine. Then follow these detailed instructions to install Cinnamon Server on the machine: Setting up Cinnamon Server on Debian stretch

NOTE: TODO You need some resources to install the server. These resources will be downloadable shortly.

Download preconfigured appliance (virtual machine)

NOTE: TODO The appliance will be downloadable shortly.

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